Aloha! my name is Krystle Marcellus and I am a photographer based in Hawaii. My focus is portrait and commercial photography.


A little about me...

I love good light - LOVE IT. (Love it like I am willing to wake up at 4 a.m. to hike a mountain and chase a sunrise.)

I believe that laughing is one of the most important things in life.

Avocado. everywhere.

I love meeting new people and diving into their worlds with my camera.

I believe that traveling has made me a better person. 

And I believe that finding out what makes you laugh, will lead me to capturing a beautiful moment.


I have had the opportunity to work professionally as a photographer since 2006. It feels like my camera is an extension of how I see the world and get to share it with other people. My specialty in photography is capturing moments. I am after real moments and looking closely to capture the essence and feeling of a moment.

I got my start as a photojournalist, working for newspapers like: Honolulu Star-Advertiser, The Philadelphia Bulletin and Philadelphia Daily News. I've taken my experience of capturing decisive moments in the news into my portrait and commercial work. I look for love, for quiet glances, for big laughs that you can't hold in. I also look for passion & inspiration, from small business owners and community members who feel a deep connection to their work and spaces. And as a photography teacher, I wait for that "aha!" moment when I'm working with my students, lending to a more beautiful world as a whole with the photographer in each of us.

I'd love to hear more about you plan your next photo shoot session today.